Friday, August 3, 2007

Elderly Woman Raped in SE Baltimore

As police continue their search for the rapist who targeted an 88-year old cancer patient in Southeast Baltimore, many are left wondering who could possible commit such a crime. "I just can't imagine someone doing something like that," said Virgil Harvey, a taxi driver who has served elderly customers in the area for 38 years, “He wouldn’t be playing with a full deck I wouldn’t think.” Psychiatrist Jack Vaeth says like most rapists, the man responsible for Wednesday morning’s attack did not commit the crime for sex. "You have an individual not for sexual desire, but powerless in society and very angry so looking for victim so for once in their life they're in control." Vaeth says each year in this country, about 10,000 people over the age of 65 will become the victims of rape, and in two-thirds of those cases, the rapists elect to rob the victims as an afterthought. The rapist in Southeast Baltimore demanded money from the victim after the assault, and left the house with $6. Vaeth offers a detailed, criminal profile of the rapists capable of targeting one of the most vulnerable segments of our society. "They're individuals who usually commit their crimes a few blocks from their homes. They tend to be unemployed, undereducated, socially inept and sexually incompetant, and many suffer a drug addiction where they grab every nickel and dime they can get ahold of." Vaeth says rapists who target the elderly tend to strike again, but are often easier to catch than other sexual offenders. He says they are compulsive and pay little attention to the evidence they leave behind.
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